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The beginning of the journey to change the world



With a background from the hospitality business we understood better than most the importance of being able to grade ourselves or a service we provide. We wanted to be able to see where we were yesterday, where we are today and how we develop into the future. As we believe in innovation we understand that when it comes to knowledge, one can never be fully learned.

After looking at several current certification- and validation systems as well as interviewing other companies we realized they all had a lower minimum requirement and once passed the company was validated. Sounds simple but in reality it was the opposite. The costs to maintain the validations are high, it didn’t really pay back in any way and the criteras were written in a way so no one would really read it. In the end it became apparent it was too difficult and too expensive to be worth it. Another thing we learned along the way: A validation system is only valid in one country. To translate it to another country could be time consuming, hard or nigh impossible.

So we changed all that. 



With research we found the ISO26000, an indicative, standard as base for our validation system and placed our own touches to it, implementing six different categories on top. We then removed the hard requirements for our standard – and – then we removed the cost for it as well.

Then we added a couple of things: An initial GAP- analysis. Where are we now? Obvious as it may sound, this one is very important. Regardless of where we are we need to establish the facts. Then we added a pro forma regarding where we want to be in six months, twelve months, two years with a clear development plan attached.

We admit, we like to be trendy and we like to have fun while we work. So we created our validation system as a levelling system, much like any roleplaying game out there where a character levels up based on activities and in return gets new points to spend on perks and development. 

With the GAP- analysis as starting point we then specified the road ahead – where our character or business wants to be once finished, collecting experience and points, earning rewards along the way. It’s gamification at its core. Standards, certifications and important work regarding the environment or integration should not be expensive or difficult. It should be easy, fun and rewarding.

And then we told the whole world about it.


With the brute force of today’s social media we decided to use it our advantage. As our purpose, solve the integration issue, is clear and valid we believe we should tell everyone about it as well. We will tell the world loudly about who we are and our purpose. We will tell you what we are good at and what we want to improve.

From the GAP-analysis we created a report for everyone interested to read, telling the world where we are now with our statistics and what we currently are doing. Then we created a beautiful plan forward, also for everyone interested to read. We gave out points and started to increase our level, making our organization better at making the world better. 



But points are vague.

Its hard to tell if it’s high or low if there is nothing to relate with. So we created the five stars. We admit this part is not truly unique, but its an easy system to understand for external viewers. Five stars are better than three stars, simple. As a side effect this gave us room for variation, much like in the role playing game. Perhaps the perfect template doesn’t exist. 

To relate to the real world; One company may excel in one category but have no possibility to get points from another, while another company may have the complete opposite conditions. We do not exclude anyone as long as the will and heart is in the right place. For us this was a daunting task to solve but turning points into stars solved it nicely. This mean a big company with thousands of employee’s could be graded low while a one-man business could be ranked with five stars. Points and stars also gave us the ability to create a system that is valid both between every single type of business out there as well as placing it anywhere, be it in a country or in the cloud. With the report about what we are doing, the stars can be broken down into the points we have archieved so far. 

That being said, with innovation comes new knowledge. We do not want to use a system with hard requirements as sooner or later they will be dated. Instead we increase the difficulty as new knowledge arrise, both to maintain a star as well as reaching the next. With time comes increased expectancies and we are not afraid of challenging ourselves or replace old knowledge with new. 



Looking to The Future

We’ve met some amazing clients who have become almost family to us. The numerous travels and our journey so far haven’t diminished our belief yet; To solve the integration issue we need to approach it differently than anyone have been doing up until now. We need to make it interesting and rewarding for the micro and small/medium enterprises to work with people in exclusion. A universal system for each and everyone is one of our answers, increased revenue streams is another. 

A journey with these proportions starts with a single step. At The EUSL Group we are just happy with being able to take our steps and show that we managed. And we want to help you with yours, be it through one of our concepts such as Social Green House or services such as S’agapo or our star system. Join us at EUSL and let us help you start that journey, from one single step to a thousand.


Here’s to you.

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