The EUSL Group Care to Change the World

Founded in August 2017, it had literally taken over six months just to get the registration number. A regular company usually takes about four to five days. The reason for the long delay was simple: A European cooperative such as ours had never been founded before and thus no information was available regarding how to do it. So with an uphill from the beginning we decided to take the delay positively: We want to succeed where no one else has been before: Solving the integration issue and as a side effect also making it attractive for micro, small and medium enterprises to work with us on this challenge. 

From the beginning we all agreed on that if the current method was ineffective, we can’t go in with our goal to solve the integration issue by doing it in the same fashion as everyone else – so with this delay we decided that we were on the right path, simply by being different and taking on the challenge differently. With time came development and we founded the first add-on, another European Cooperative called European Future Label.

What differs the two organizations from each other is the targeted audience: While EUSL targets micro and SME- companies, EUFL targets governments, muncipalities as well as EU programs such as ESF and Horizon 2020/2027.

About The EUSL Group

As it all grew we started to see different challenges and needs from companies. We saw limitations and conservatism where we, and our European Cooperatives, were the opposite and live for innovation and new ideas. So we created S’agapo, an e-commerce platform for our members. Then we created Growthify as a service for S’agapo so our members could sell their services. With our background from the hospitality business we also came to the conclusion that we had to scream to be heard and thus we created our own validation system, a ranking system made up by up to five stars. 

We call our group for a conglomerate. Each part differs greatly from the other but it is as a whole we shine. Combined we make our members selling more and reporting better numbers and we also affect the local society around the member through our social projects. As a consumer, buying from one of our members helps us saving the world. At S’agapo we call it “Shopping done right”.

We also generate new business for our members through our program called Social Green House, where we help others start up a business as well as run a busines long term. Starting up is easy, surviving the first few years not falling down is much more difficult. We believe our concept Social Green House is a truly unique startup concept!


We believe integration and social responsibility both could be the “next big thing” as well as no thing at all. When we created The EUSL Group the idea was to remove the integration as a restaurant concept and apply to all companies, regardless of size or type. While some believe we must waste less resources, we believe we must use our resources more intelligent, using current knowledge to develop tomorrows knowledge – and we can only do that if we continue forward. 


Our opinion is that the existing model regarding integration is outdated. Tax funded solutions are slow and hard to define. The same problem exists in all European Countries so it felt like a good idea to create the first European cooperatives in Sweden to start from. Our goal is to add value for the micro and SME-sector to work with integration. By doing so we turn from away from a tax-payer perspective to a perspective demanding results and high efficiency. By doing so we also change the market completely. When our members, companies all over Europe, sell more they will need to recruit more, defining the employee’s of tomorrow affecting the whole society. More taxes will come in and less taxes go out. Our goal is to change the world. 

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